Q:  How much does a kids cut cost?

A: depends on the amount of hair. Generally $25 unless it takes less than 10 minutes. Kids cuts include ages 11 and under. If it takes 40min, it becomes a signature style for $40.

Q:   Are bang trims free?

A: If you book a same day appointment for them, yes, there is one free bang trim between haircuts with me.  Otherwise they are $10. However, I recommend booking the dry cut because usually hair needs more than a bang trim–like face framing, dusting out split ends, or carving weight out of thick hair.

Q: Which service should I book?

A: If you’re not sure, shoot me a message on my Facebook page of your current hair and the  hair you desire and we will map out which service(s) would be best for you! I typically respond within 48 hours.

Q: I think I know what I want, but what should I tell you?

A: I love pictures! I am very visual and pre-chosen pictures are very helpful for me to see exactly what needs to be done. Otherwise I will ask a series of questions such as what you like and don’t like in your style; your home-routine for your hair; and any hair pet peeves I should know.

Q: I would like you to do my hair, but I can hardly find a time to get on your books, now what?

A: Pre-booking your appointment is the easiest way to get in! I will also post openings due to cancelations or added days/hours on my Facebook page. If there is nothing within two weeks for the time you want to get in, shoot me a message on Facebook and I will do my best to accommodate your needs!

Q: How should I prep my hair for my Special Events Style?

A: Clean and thoroughly dried hair is best! I recommend washing it the night before; avoiding conditioner if curl slips out of your hair; and drying a mousse or thickening spray into the hair. It’s also helpful to have pictures ready to show me, and a button-up top so that it is easy to avoid your hair when changing into your celebration attire.

Q: I have short hair, and am not too picky about how my hair is styled, but would like it done for a special occassion. Do I have to book an updo?

A: You could get away with booking an ultimate blowout instead!

Q: I am donating my hair, do you do those haircuts?

A: Yes! If you would like a Before & After picture, and/or for me to mail your hair in for you to either Pantene (takes 8 inches), children’s’ Medical Center, or Locks of Love, I will do that for you when you book an Ultimate Haircut. You can book a Signature haircut, if you don’t mind sending in the hair yourself and skipping before and after photos, as we will need to work efficiently!

Q: Do you offer loyalty points or other incentives?

A: I price my services to stay busy while maintaining a high quality of service. I like to keep a variety of options for guests to pick their experience with me. I will always be looking for the hair path that is best for your hair and budget for getting the look you desire! For contests, newly opened hours to book, model calls, and service credit raffles, Like my page on Facebook, where I connect with you!

Q: Is it rude not to talk during my service? Sometimes I love to just relax!

A: Absolutely not! If you prefer to get some quiet time, just close your eyes, or read or catch-up on your phone. The time you spend in my chair is YOUR time. What I want is for you to feel relaxed, beautiful, and stress-free! If you would like to wear your glasses while your color processes, you can request foils to cover your rims to protect them.

Q:  What if I’m not satisfied with my service from you?

A: Please let me know right away or within 24 hours of your service! Please contact ME, not the front desk through my Facebook page or by leaving a message for me at the salon. Corrections are booked through me.

If it is a mistake I made in my technique, I will correct it free of charge. If it is a decision change or miscommunication and you feel the need to come back within the week, I will do the same service for half price. If it is something you don’t mind for the present time, but feel that it could be improved for the next time–I love to know that as well! Feedback is how I become a better stylist. I heavily rely on your ability to be assertive with what you like and don’t like. No refunds are given through me or Sunbear Salon, however I will always do my best to give you the results you want for your hair. In the case that your hair is incapable of the change your desire in the time you booked, I will often tell you what is possible to achieve in the time and budget you choose, and how many sessions it will take to get to the look you desire. Then it is your choice to move forward or not.

Q: Do you like your payment in cash or on credit card?

A: Both are great–although with cash It’s a 3% bonus because of avoiding fees, which I love!

Q: Oops! I doublebooked myself/ am sick/ need to cancel! Will I be charged?

A: No! However I do ask that you give a 24 hour notice on your cancellation by calling the front desk! If you cancel frequently or consistently don’t show up to your appointment, you may be placed on a same-day appointment booking list. Hopefully that never happens!